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DOLPHISONUS is a swimming pool alarm system destinated to equip private swimming pools.

If classical swimming pool alarms analyze the wave train or “gravitational waves” generated by the fall of a child in the water, DOLPHISONUS analyses the sound generated in the pool and especially recognizes the sound signature of a child falling down the pool water. To do this, DOLPHISONUS uses our Unique AI Based passive sonar technology.


The main advantage of this technique is linked to the high speed of sounds travelling down the water (20 time faster than in the air). DOLPHISONUS detects the fall of a child falling down the water in less than 2 seconds contrary to all other systems available on the market today. Every second counts!

DOLPHISONUS, thanks to its analysis mode, avoid all the inconveniences of the classical swimming pool alarm systems (unwanted triggering or absence of fall detection due to sensitivity drop in the presence of the wind).



The DOLPHISONUS sensor is installed on the swimming pool coping and is equipped with a hydrophone at the end of the tube to keep it under the water. This sensor permanently monitors the pool sounds and sends these data to a dedicated tablet installed in a 2000 ft range (air to air) from this sensor for analysis and activates a siren when a fall is detected. Further, you can control the system on the tablet screen or on your fingertip with your Smartphone in the perimeter of its Bluetooth connectivity range.


Main features

One rechargeable battery powered sensor

One dedicated tablet, mains powered with battery back-up

Detects the fall within 2 seconds



Even after swim mode, automatic switch back to surveillance mode

Very simple use on Smartphone and the Tablet interface

System complies to ASTM-2208-08 requirements

2000 ft range (air to air), thanks to the new generation Bluetooth low energy audio technology

Immediate free exchange in case of system failure

No maintenance except battery charging

Free smartphone App on IO’s and Android

3 years limited warranty

Dolphisonus is designed to ignore things that cause false alarms.


Dolphisonus Increases your home’s resale value

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