Existing Pool Security systems

Barrier or fence

    • 1500-10.000$ average 6500$ without installation
    • Not very esthetic
    • If door not closed or even in presence of the parents, a child can fall into the water!
    • Installation usually mandatory by law in several countries to avoid children to approach the pool but does not guarantee children safety when they are inside the pool area even in presence of the parents


Roller cover or safety cover

    • 12000-22000$ automatic average cost without installation
    • While the cover is open, there is no security even in presence of the parents!
    • Opening/closing time quite long.
    • If doesn’t close correctly or if the straps are not properly tightened, your child can slide under the cover and you don’t see the child.
    • You will probably not close the roller cover when you have to go in the kitchen to take something and that’s where an accident can occurs  

Alarm systems

    • Wave detection (or variation of pressure):
      • 200-500$, very cheap and we know why!
      • Not efficient
      • To many false alarm
      • Too much disturbances for the neighbors

Active sonar-based system

    • 8000$, without installation
    • Must be installed by professional at construction of the pool
    • Necessity of electric supply. Need of high power for sonar power.

Video surveillance

      • 1500$ average, can be installed by yourself
      • Depending on the system especially for underwater surveillance, the time the system recognizes a motionless corps you already lost precious seconds if not minutes.
      • Underwater systems don’t work in uncleared water !

Infrared barrier

      • 500-4000$, without installation
      • Can be activated by your favorite pets and dogs crossing the infrared rays and therefore generates many false alarms.
      • Too much disturbances for the neighbors 

In nearly every case, DOLPHISONUS is the perfect complement for the surveillance of the pool when equipped with a fence or a roller cover !


Don’t forget that any safety system does not and cannot replace the parents or adult supervision !