Why Dolphisonus ?

A few years ago, the daughter of a Guy’s family member nearly drowned in their pool secured with a fence. Even though her parents were in the pool house having a drink with friends. Guy’s wife asks him : “You are an engineer, can you do something ?”. Do you imagine losing your daughter or son like this ? What about your culpability ? Could you live with that until the end of your life ? Not us!


Well, this is why we developed this Pool Alarm able to detect the fall of a child into a pool, to prevent their drowning. 


To develop this unique Pool Alarm, we used Passive Sonar technology (analysis of underwater sounds like with submarines listening to the approach of other boats and ocean scientists listening whales, dolphins, etc…) in combination with our unique Artificial Intelligence based algorithm to detect the very specific sound signature of a child falling into water.


88% of accidents happen even

during the presence of the parents.

300 children drown in the US every year

and how many in the world…?